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ShopCast makes online shopping more personal, more interactive and more fun!
The result? Engaged customers that convert better and spend more.

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Benefit 1

Video made easy

The ShopCast App takes product videos to a whole new level of ease that every store needs to boost sales.

Benefit 2

Video that converts

ShopCast is like an in-store salesperson that enables you to build trust, spark emotions and encourage shoppers to buy.

Benefit 3

Video that’s personal

Bring your online store and product pages to life, with real people. Sell your products, the personal way.

Everything you need

Record in minutes.

Record from your web browser

The simple-to-use recorder requires no videographer and no setup, just you and your products. You can record from your browser, or use a plugin mic and camera, then publish directly to your product pages.

Customised (and fun!).

Customised (and fun!)

The Shopcast video play button can be customised to match perfectly with your store design and company branding. Choose a theme, select a colour and change the play button text ‘why we love it’ to say whatever you want.

Seamless Integration.

Seamless Integration

Choose where you want the ShopCast video play button to be positioned. You can move it around anywhere on your product page, and change it from within your settings.

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Join many Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants who use ShopCast to add the power of the 'human touch' to their e-store to increase conversions and boost sales!

Product pages don't have to be impersonal

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